Най-добрата пица на изток от Рим!


Slice of bread (コード: 149.1)
価格: 0.20
ベンダー: New York Pub
Slice of bread /toast/ (コード: 149.2)
価格: 0.25
ベンダー: New York Pub
価格: 1.89
ベンダー: New York Pub
パルレンカ (コード: 149)
価格: 1.69
重量: 100 g
ベンダー: New York Pub
ラバッシ (コード: 201)
価格: 3.19
重量: 150 g
ベンダー: New York Pub
ラフマジュン (コード: 152)
価格: 5.19
重量: 250 g
ベンダー: New York Pub
価格: 4.69
重量: 250 g
ベンダー: New York Pub
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Legend 伝え話

The symbols show an availability of substances or products that  can cause allergic reactions or intolerance.

Cereals containing gluten
Peanuts and products thereof
Crustaceans and products thereof
Eggs and products thereof
Fish and fish products
Soybeans and soy products
Milk and dairy product
Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews
Celery and products thereof
Mustard and products thereof
Sesame seeds and products thereof
Sulfur dioxide and sulphites than 10 mg / kg or 10 g / litre
Lupin and products thereof
Molluscs and products thereof